Advantage Of Digital Printing

- Aug 17, 2018-

                  Advantage Of Digital Printing

  1. Faster leadtime

    At present, foreign trade enterprises unprecedented fierce competition, processing prices continue to decline, profit space reduced. Customers from the cost, response speed, quality, service and other aspects of foreign trade enterprises put forward higher requirements. Customers often place orders to several companies, which first take out samples, will get the order. The traditional flat screen and round screen printing proofing cycle is very long, and the cost is very high. Digital printing proofing, the process of sample production is short, fast, so that customers get window sample time reduced by more than 60%, generally within one working day to get samples, from the time for foreign trade enterprises can get more, Better orders provide a strong guarantee. 

  2. Low cost of sample production 

    For traditional proofing, the most difficult problem is the cost of proofing. The traditional printing proofing has to go through several processes, it needs to first in its expensive printing plate-making costs, so in the case of uncertain orders, there is a greater risk of proofing. Digital printing proofing can fundamentally solve this problem. New pattern printing does not need plate making, printing is not limited by color, so it can significantly reduce printing cost. 

  3. Easy to revised the artwork

    Another outstanding problem of traditional printing proofing is that after paying the high printing cost, if the pattern is not satisfied with, if you want to make modifications, you need to pay another printing proofing fee. Digital printing can solve this problem effectively, can modify the pattern directly on the computer, make the designer's creativity more accurate and perfect. In today's market economy, digital printing for proofing and small batch production under 300m has the advantages of low price and short delivery time. 

  4. Perfect sample appearence

    Someone maybe will worry that digital printing proofing, it is difficult to produce the same effect with traditional printing. But in fact, because the color gamut of traditional printing is much larger than that of digital printing ink, the color effect produced by digital printing can be simulated by traditional color paste. At the same time, because digital printing can achieve WYSIWYG, the customer's approval rate is high. 

  5. To meet the growing demand for personalization 

    The appearance of digital printing will meet the personal needs of people to the maximum extent, the design sample can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, fully showing the clothing designer's design concept. The effect on the computer screen is the effect of the fabric pattern after forming. After the customer is satisfied, the printing can be done directly, so that the field design and field production can be achieved, so that the clothing can be truly individualized.