Amazing Weighted Blanket

- Jan 04, 2019-

                                                         Amazing Weighted Blanket

In the United States, gravity blankets have a crowdfunding rate of 17, 79.1 percent, which is a scary figure. 



For those who don't want to stay up late, but can't sleep, for those who can't sleep because of high stress or active brain, after 00, they need a professional and comfortable quilt to help you sleep well, sleep full, get up every day and be refreshed. Full of energy to fight for the day 

Gravity Sleep Blanket 

The gravity blanket produced by Hangzhou FY co.,ltd is a kind of health auxiliary blanket designed according to the weight standard of 10% of the body weight. The weight is often between 1.8kg and 11.3kg. The weight blanket provides an irritation called a "deep touch deep pressure touch" that relieves anxiety, relaxes mood, and improves sleep quality in people with insomnia disorders. Gravity blankets are filled with 15 to 25 pounds of beads (inert glass beads and cotton polyester), which keep you very warm and do not toss or rotate when you sleep. In practice, however, it is difficult to move. Under the gravity blanket, it is difficult for people to roll aside. This design is designed to make people feel soft and secure during a nap or meditation.

Its magic, in fact, has full scientific basis. It can provide an irritation called a deep sense of pressure (deep pressure touch). It is an inert glass blanket designed to relax the nervous system and suppress the stress hormone by raising the pressure on the body surface. A series of scientific experiments have shown that it not only promotes serotonin and melatonin levels, helps people to get into quality sleep faster, but also can be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And relieve indirect stress and long-term anxiety to people's discomfort. It has been shown that the deep sense of contact pressure can reduce heart rate and respiratory rate and promote the natural secretion of serotonin and enkephalin. Gravity blankets look thin, but they are really weighty, with the lightest of the five products of different sizes and weights of 2.3 kilograms and the heaviest of 11.5 kilograms. The gravity blanket, however, uses a special filling process that allows the weight to sink naturally like water, covering the quilt as if each square centimeter of the body surface is gently pressed as if it were surrounded by countless hands. According to some of the people who used it, sleeping with it had the feeling of being hugged by their parents when they were infants.