Defect problem in digital

- Jul 20, 2018-

                                               Defect problem in digital

Digital printing is a very important process for the garment industry. With the development of time and technology, there are many other printing techniques, such as active printing, dry printing, transfer printing and so on. Digital printing is an important way of modern printing and has many advantages. But if the operation is not good, digital printing will appear defects, below FY textile printing factory to introduce the causes of digital printing defects. 

Jointmark:The pattern overlaps or does not match (off). Due to poor adjustment of conveyor belt or improper adjustment of the set of rules, affecting the accuracy of the flower position caused. 

Grinning of white ground :A part of the warp or weft that flips or moves to the positive and opposite sides of the fabric, showing a pattern that resembles a scratched track. The defects are mostly due to poor permeation of color paste and improper handling (tension unevenness, etc.) after printing. 

Surface fabric color can not be distributed evenlyThe defects often occur when the viscosity of color paste is not appropriate, the mesh selection is improper or the cloth is uneven. 

Skew pattern:That is, the weft yarn is inclined or curved to the weft yarn of the fabric. It usually occurs when the printed fabric (silk) itself has latitudinal or slit or slanted sheets. 

Ink bleeding: The color of the printing pattern oozes, the outline of the pattern is not clear, showing blurred color. It is caused by low viscosity of color paste, extremely dense dye concentration, excessive amount of printing pulp or amount of moisture absorbent. 

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