Difference between rayon and viscose

- Jul 28, 2018-

                            Difference between rayon and viscose

Viscose filament is called rayon.

Rayon is a filamentous man-made fiber composed of cellulose (cellulose), and cellulose is an organic compound which constitutes the main component of plant. Because it is a cellulose fiber, many properties are the same as other fibers such as cotton and flax fibers. The fibers are toothed round. Viscose man-made fiber is a medium and heavy type fiber of moderate to good strength and wear resistance, with hydrophilic properties (moisture regain of 11%), which can be dry-cleaned or washed in good care without static electricity or pilling. The price is not expensive either. The end use of rayon is in the fields of clothing, interior decoration and industry (e. G. Blouses, shirts, underwear, jackets, hanging fabrics, pharmaceuticals, nonwovens, sanitary products, etc.) 

Viscose staple fiber is called artificial cotton. 


A cotton viscose staple spun by chemical processing of natural polymer compounds such as cellulose or protein. Its specification is similar to cotton fiber. The length is usually 35 mm. The fineness is 1.5 ~ 2.2dtex. It can be spun on cotton spinning machine or blended with cotton or cotton synthetic fiber (such as polyester, polyamide, etc.). A short cotton fiber spun from natural cellulose. Mainly viscose staple fiber. It is characterized by good dyeability, high freshness and fastness, comfortable wearing, alkali resistance, and moisture absorption close to cotton. The disadvantages are no acid resistance, poor resilience and fatigue resistance, and low wet mechanical strength. Can be pure spinning, or can be blended with polyester and other chemical fibers. 

Cotton and artificial cotton are cellulose, and starch composition is the same difference is greater molecular weight. Artificial cotton dissolves cellulose in solvent and ejects it from very fine nozzles to form filaments, similar to spiders. So burning is indistinguishable, mainly by hand. Artificial cotton should be smoother.