Features and Benefits of Digital Printing

- Jul 06, 2018-

1. Wide color gamut, colorful, high precision, delicate images

2. Shorten the traditional printing process, improve the cycle of orders, reduce the cost of plate making and proofing.

3. Breaking the defects in the traditional process (color trapping and external factors) can make the pattern on the decorative paper more clear and delicate.

4. Realize small-scale production, at the same time, production batches are not subject to any restrictions and individualized production needs.

5. No pollution, low energy consumption, realize the green production process.

6. Ensure that the sample is consistent with the product. Data and process plans are easy to save and the reproducibility of printing is good.

7. Design patterns do not need to consider the number of patterns and pattern types. Can express thousands of colors of patterns.

8. Can realize long patterns, multiple pieces of personalized graphics to spell out a wide pattern.