How to distinguish silk fabric

- Aug 31, 2018-

                                                 How to distinguish silk fabric?

Silk is characterized by: thin cool, moisture absorption and ventilation, moisturizing heat, a certain flexibility, feel full, plump waxy and smooth, and drape flat. 

Here are a few simple ways to distinguish the quality of silk. 

  1. Floding

    Squeeze the fabric by hand and let go. The silk has good elasticity and has no crease, while the artificial silk has obvious crease, and it is difficult to recover quickly. 

  2. Touching

    Silk has the feeling of holding hands, but chemical fiber does not feel like this, artificial silk fabric although it will feel smooth and soft, but not clean and fast. 

  3. Take out the yarn

    Taking out a few yarns, wet a portion of the water and then break, such as broken from the wet is artificial silk fabric, broken ends of velvet-shaped silk products of varying lengths. 

  4. Rubbing

    Friction between the two layers of fabric will produce silk or silk whir, and other raw fabric is not. 

  5. Burnning

    Draw out part of yarn burning, silk can not see the open fire, has the smell of burning hair, into black particles, can be crushed by hand, imitation silk fire flame, has a plastic smell, after the fire left a hard piece of rubber