The Care Instructions of the Chiffon Scarf

- Dec 14, 2018-

The Care Instructions of the Chiffon Scarf:

1. The thickly decorated chiffon is preferably placed flat in the closet so that it is not easily deformed.

2, do not touch the water, if the local water, simply soak and wash, and finally stretch ironing to avoid shrinkage.

3, after the washing, the natural drip does not wring out.

4, chiffon dress once passed through can not be placed in a plastic pocket, preferably placed in the cloth pocket, breathable will not be contaminated with dust.

5. The chiffon clothes with sleeves are hung with hangers, and the hangers made of cloth are used, or the ends of the hangers are wrapped with small towels so that the sleeves are not easily deformed.

6, spray perfume should pay attention to long distance. So as not to leave a yellow spot.

7. If you have red wine or grease on the banquet, there are two tricks.

Method 1: First use a paper towel to suck, then find the soy flour or flour, absorb the moisture on the surface, and then gently blow the powder, the stain is naturally sucked away.

Method 2: It is more effective to wipe off the stain with soda water.