The difference between scarf craft

- Jul 06, 2018-

Scarf is a single item that is both warm and practical for decoration, and it is used as a high-quality accessory for all seasons. fashion scarves in todya are varied in style, material, and craft.What are the scarf crafts?There are printing process, yarn-dyed process, jacquard process, hand-painted process, tie-dyeing process and so on.

Printing process: The process of printing patterns on textiles with dyes or pigments
Yarn-dyed technology: dyeing the yarn or filaments first, and then using a colored yarn for weaving a scarf
Jacquard process: Embossed pattern composed of interlaced warp and weft in textile during weaving process.
Hand-painting process: the scarf is originally a plain piece of cloth, painted on it with watercolors, and then it is colored with a chemical.The scarf is unique and special, and it can be played as you like.
Tie-dyeing process: The ancient name of tie-dyeing is zha valerian, twisted valerian, mixed valerian and dyeing valerian,it is a Chinese traditional and unique dyeing scarf craft.
A dyeing method in which the fabric is partially ligated during dyeing so that it cannot be colored, one of the traditional hand dyeing techniques in China.