What are the advantages of digital printing

- Jul 06, 2018-

First, digital printing is more colorful

Intelligent coloring: From the point of view of color, digital printing accurately controls the flow through the microcomputer, the color of the dye is rich and vivid, and the digital printing can achieve the extreme as long as it is equipped with a dedicated ICC curve.

Nano Color Paste: The pigment ink used in digital printing is a nano-sized pigment paste that is ejected from an ultra-precision print head under the control of a microcomputer. Its fineness is beyond the reach of traditional printing.

Second, digital printing is more accurate

The fine pattern of digital printing can control the ink drop size of the inkjet print head and easily control the precision.

Third, digital printing feel better

The digital printing basically has no coating feeling, and the printing is light, thin, soft, and has good tackiness. Even paint digital printing, because the formula resin content is very small, basically does not affect the feel. Acidic digital printing, active digital printing, disperse thermal transfer printing, and discrete direct-injection digital printing, these are uncoated and do not affect the original fabric feel.