What is Burnout Printing Fabric

- Nov 26, 2018-

Burnout printing, printing a corrosive chemical (such as sulfuric acid, ALCL3, etc.) on a fabric composed of multi-component fibers after drying, baking, etc., to treat a certain fiber component and form a pattern. Process. Used mostly for velvet fabrics. This pattern or unevenness is orderly, or it is translucent and strong, and it is highly decorative. It is also possible to add a suitable tolerant dye to the printing paste to color the other component fiber while rotting a certain fiber component to obtain a color burnt effect.


Burntout printing products have won praises from consumers for their elegant and novel appearance, soft and smooth feel, drape and elegant colors. At present, in various types of burntout printing processes and products, they are designed and executed using different chemical properties of fibers. Such as polyester-cotton burntout products, sticky/silk-burning products, polyester-stick and burnt-out products. Another innovative cotton burnt-out product, namely cotton printed hollow fabric, has attracted consumers' attention. This fabric combines the characteristics of burntout processing technology and foaming printing process to achieve voids in the burnt-out process, while foaming printing prevents the occurrence of yarn unwinding or flocculation during washing and taking.


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