A Good Digital Printing Enterprises Should Have The Basic Qualities

- Jul 12, 2018-

A good digital printing enterprises should have the basic qualities

First, the core competitiveness of pattern development following the trend of fashion.The creativity and diversity of products are the foundation of our existence.On the one hand, it is necessary to continuously study the hand feeling, pendant feeling, abrasion resistance, comfort and other characteristics of each type of fabric, so as to develop the printing fabric that really complements each other.Printing companies, on the other hand, need to continue to draw heavily from domestic and international trends.

Second, continuous, rapid and stable production and delivery capacity.Faced with the end demand of quick delivery, replenishment of orders and quick replenishment of orders in the market, digital printing enterprises need to have the consciousness and ability to develop samples quickly and serve the market. Meanwhile, they also need to have stable production capacity.It is an important direction for enterprises to improve the management system and simplify the intermediate process.

Third, the ability to quickly digest and absorb new technologies.At present, digital printing technology is still a developing high-tech, equipment, technology and materials are constantly improved.Therefore, digital printing enterprises should start from both personnel and technology, on the one hand through peer joining, brainstorming, to create a more compatible platform;On the other hand, through technological innovation, technology generation, to achieve a faster reaction speed.

Looking into the future of digital printing, it should fit the five development propositions of social responsibility and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, rapid reaction, network platform of supply chain, new retail and new manufacturing of textiles.

The change of the consumer market requires flexible and fast reverse supply chain.In the future, whoever can build an intelligent factory and build a flexible supply chain platform of fabric can occupy an advantageous position in the future industrial chain. Among them, digital printing will be the core technology to support the platform.