A Silky Digital Print Fabric That Combines Beauty And Health

- Jul 10, 2019-

A silky digital print fabric that combines beauty and health

The concept of silk:

First of all, we must understand what silk is, silk generally refers to silk, including silk, tussah silk, ramie silk, cassava silk, etc. Most silk fabrics are woven from mulberry silk into fabrics, while mulberry silk is produced in Huzhou, Zhejiang. The most famous lake silk is the luxury of choice for the ancient nobles. There are many varieties, commonly used to make women's clothing, light, soft, smooth and breathable, shiny, noble and elegant.

Digital inkjet printing is a high-tech that integrates mechanical, electronic and information processing equipment. Its appearance is another revolution in printing technology after embossing printing and screen printing. It uses special machines (digital inkjet printers) to spray dye directly onto textile fabrics to quickly create high-precision color patterns, freeing designers from the framework of production technology and process conditions. And people can design creative, change combination direct printing according to their own wishes, it has now formed industrialization.

The company has been involved in the digital printing industry since 2011 and has been diligently researching on the technical road of color reproduction. At present, the company has a complete set of equipment and process technology from pre-stage to follow-up treatment to control the quality of digital printing. With the continuous advancement and popularization of digital printing technology, the competition of future silk printing products is reflected in product design. Consumers of digital printing products on the market have flocked to more and more young people from the previously ageing consumer groups.