About The Cotton Fabric

- Aug 17, 2018-

About The Cotton Fabric

     Cotton fabric is by far the most used fabric, which is popular with everyone because of its sweat absorption, softness, sensitivity, easy cleaning and not easy to hair.

     The cotton woven fabric is made of cotton as a raw material, and is woven by a looms, which are intertwined by the warp and weft yarns.


1. It has good moisture permeability, soft hand feeling and comfortable wearing; 

2. The appearance is simple and natural, the gloss is soft, the dyeing performance is good; 

3. The alkali resistance and heat resistance are particularly good.


1, lack of flexibility and not crisp, easy to wrinkle; 

2, color fastness is not high, easy to fade; 

3, clothing shape is poor, easy to shrink and shape after washing (shrinkage rate is usually around 4% ~ 12%); 

4, especially afraid of acid, when concentrated sulfuric acid stained cotton cloth, cotton cloth is burned into a hole, when acid (such as: vinegar) accidentally get clothes, should be cleaned in time to avoid the fatal damage to the clothes caused by acetic acid.