Autism Try The Feeling Of Being Hugged By Gravity Blanket

- Feb 19, 2020-

The story of autism is based on autism

American animal scientist, doctor of animal husbandry

Adapted from autobiography of Tianbao Grandin

The real treasure is the world

One of the most successful designers of animal husbandry management system

Published more than 200 professional papers

And set up their own company

And public speaking around the world

Inspiring people with autism around the world

How unfortunate and lucky is Tianbao's life

Have a mother who will never give up on her

She always understood her aunt

The first teacher who opened her talent

Have friends who listen to her

As she said at the graduation ceremony

That's what kept her going

It's the people who give her kindness and love

This is the most fertile soil for her mind to bloom

There are so many details in the film that blur my eyes

But what makes me feel the most is

What Tianbao said to parents of autistic children

It's because of Tianbao's mother

Didn't treat Tianbao as an alien

Tianbao has access to the new world

Tianbao's enlightenment teacher said

This is Tianbao coming out of her trap

The best way in the world

In constant friction with others, Tianbao

Know yourself, know yourself

Ancient Greek philosophers say, know yourself

For each individual

This is the hardest thing

Tianbao faces up to her autism

It's like a weakness of ordinary people

So on this level

Everyone is "abnormal"

When you accept yourself

You've accepted the world

There is a door in everyone's heart

We're always scared of this door

We are afraid of the unknown behind this door

We were stuck in a cramped room, wandering around

But we forgot that behind the door

It's another world

A new world

All we have to do is

Push the door open and go out

It's just a door

It's no big deal, is it?

Finally, I hope everyone can be more friendly and loving

Even a look and a smile

Warmth can germinate

The world is cruel

But we don't have to be cruel

For autism, we should reach out to help, rather than look at them differently

In the film, the anxiety relief device is replaced by a gentle squeeze

Gravity blankets work the same way as anxiety relief devices

The gravity blanket produced by Hangzhou gravity Industry Co., Ltd. is a health assistant designed according to the weight standard of 10% of human body weight

The weight of auxiliary blanket is usually between 1.8kg and 11.3kg, and the investigation also shows that the weighted blanket provides a kind of weighing

For the stimulation of "deep pressure touch", it helps to relieve anxiety and relax

The effect of mood can also improve the sleep quality of insomnia patients. The gravity blanket is filled with 15 to 25 pounds of beads (inert

A mixture of small glass beads and cotton polyester), which makes you very warm and won't toss and turn when you sleep. But in fact

It's hard to move. Under the gravity blanket, it's hard for people to roll to one side. This kind of design is for people to take a nap or meditate

In the process, feel soft and reassured.