British Prime Minister Applauds Healthcare: You Are The Backbone Of Society

- May 08, 2020-

British Prime Minister applauds healthcare: you are the backbone of society

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the British closed the city for seven weeks, but the epidemic situation in the UK is still very grim. In order to inspire the fighting spirit of the first-line medical staff, on the evening of May 7, local time, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted a brief thank-you tweet on his personal Twitter. Johnson said in a tweet that he would like to thank all our medical staff for their excellent work day after day. In the fight against COVID-19, you are the backbone of society.

Below the tweet, Johnson also attached a video. In the video, the staff opened the black wooden door at 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, and Johnson stepped out of it. In the ensuing more than a minute, Johnson kept silent without applauding. He nodded to the people around him for a while, and then gave his thumbs up again. The crowd at the scene seemed a little overwhelmed, the cheers gradually weakened, and some people began to applaud with him. In the last few seconds of the video, Johnson expressed his gratitude to the people present. When he returned to the Prime Minister's residence, he did not forget to turn his head and tell everyone to be careful of the virus.

According to the latest news released by the British Ministry of Health and Social Care, as of 9 a.m. local time, the UK has conducted 1534533 nucleic acid tests. In one day, the United Kingdom added 5,614 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a cumulative total of 206,715 cases, ranking fourth in the world. There were 539 new deaths and a total of 30615 deaths, ranking second in the world.