Characteristics And Advantages Of Rayon Fabric

- Mar 21, 2019-

Characteristics and advantages of rayon fabric

Characteristics of rayon fabric:

The basic composition of viscose fiber is cellulose (C6H10O5)n o ordinary viscose fiber has a zigzag-shaped core structure in cross section, and the longitudinal direction is straight and grooved. The fiber-rich core-free structure has a circular cross section. Viscose fiber has good hygroscopicity, and under normal atmospheric conditions, the moisture regain rate is about 13%. Significantly swelled after moisture absorption, the diameter increased by up to 50%, so the fabric feels hard after the water is launched, and the shrinkage rate is large. The breaking strength of ordinary viscose fiber is smaller than that of cotton, which is about 1.6~2.7cN/dtex; the elongation at break is larger than that of cotton, which is 16%~22%; the wet strength drops more, about 50% of dry strength, wet stretch The increase is about 50%. The modulus is lower than that of cotton, and it is easily deformed under a small load, and the elastic recovery property is poor, so the fabric is easily elongated and the dimensional stability is poor. The strength of the rich fiber, especially the wet strength, is higher than that of the ordinary adhesive, the elongation at break is small, and the dimensional stability is good. Ordinary viscose has poor wear resistance, while rich fiber has improved. The chemical composition of viscose fiber is similar to that of cotton, so it is more resistant to alkali than acid, but alkali and acid resistance are worse than cotton. Rich fiber has good alkali and acid resistance. Similarly, the viscose fiber has similar dyeing properties to cotton, and the dyeing chromatogram is complete and the dyeing performance is good. In addition, the thermal properties of viscose fiber are similar to those of cotton, and the density is close to cotton of 1.50~1.52g/cm3. The hydroxyl group of the macromolecule of cellulose is liable to undergo various chemical reactions. Therefore, the viscose fiber can be modified by grafting or the like to improve the properties of the viscose fiber and to produce various special-purpose fibers.

Advantages of rayon fabric:

Good hygroscopicity, comfortable wearing, excellent spinnability, often blended with cotton, wool or various synthetic fibers, interwoven, used in all kinds of clothing and decorative textiles. High-strength viscose fiber can also be used in industrial products such as tire cords and conveyor belts. Viscose fiber is a widely used chemical fiber.