Classification Of Digital Printing

- Aug 15, 2018-

This article is about didigital printing.

Classification of digital printing:

Digital printing, digital direct printing and digital thermal transfer printing. Digital direct printing, meaning: use a digital printer to print the pattern you need directly on a variety of materials. The digital thermal transfer printing, you need to print a good print on the special paper, and then transfer to a variety of materials, such as: textile fabrics, clothing, T-Shirts, sportswear, etc..

Seven characteristics of digital thermal transfer printing:

(1) as long as you have like the logo and send it to our customer service, unto us a little deal can be produced and printed out you want pattern.

(2) save some unnecessary process, a kind of fast speed, usually 1-3 days can be like.

(3) there is no limit to the number of colors to make the pattern more full and delicate.

(4) the materials used in the environmental protection and pollution free, can completely eliminate the pollution of the environment is not qualified to bring the worries.

(5) a printed, more able to highlight the unique characteristics of the world.

(6) color fastness is superior, we can print cotton, silk, cotton, polyester, chemical fiber and so on of all kinds of textile fabric, fast resistant washing color fastness can reach level 4 or above, in line with international standards.

(7) soft, breathable, good.

Suitable for digital printing fabric:

Cotton, silk, cotton, chiffon, Oxford cloth, polyester cloth, polyester cotton, cotton fabric, canvas and other various types of textile fabrics.

Suitable for digital thermal printing products:

All kinds of fashion leisure clothing, sports clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, leather, silk scarves, fashion underwear, cosplay costume, Lolita skirt, Hanfu all machine clothing textile fabric activities.

Main business:

Support of the company's  cloth printing, garment printing one-stop service, specialized in all textile fabrics and all kinds of fabric digital printing custom processing services: supply all kinds of cosplay clothing fabric Lolita clothing and other fabrics digital printing processing customized, textile fabric digital printing custom, custom digital printing cotton fabric, fashion digital printing customized, personalized digital T-shirt printing, digital printing processing fabric shoe bags, fashion fabric printing processing, printing and processing. Welcome to figure customization, to sample.