Comparison Between Digital Printing And Traditional Printing

- Oct 26, 2018-

                      Comparison between digital printing and traditional printing

1. The whole process of printing is digitalized, so that the design and production of printing products can not only respond quickly to the demand of orders, but also have great randomness. Flexible production can be carried out as needed, and it is truly desirable and customer satisfaction. And return. The use of traditional printing requires color separation, web making, color matching, pulping, printing, post-processing, etc., which takes a long time and costs a lot, and the customer is not necessarily satisfied.


2. The design sample can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, and the designer's design concept and aesthetic concept are fully and fully displayed. If the designer is not satisfied with the proofing effect, he can immediately re-edit it in the computer, after several times of color preparation and pattern change, until the satisfactory effect is achieved. In traditional printing, once the designer's sample is determined, it is difficult to make secondary creations and modifications. For patterns, patterns, color combinations, etc., there is a lack of flexibility and rapid market resilience in production.

3, digital printing technology is through the digital control of the nozzle, in the area where the dye is needed, the corresponding dye micro-dot is sprayed as needed, and many tiny points are quickly formed into the desired pattern to achieve a visually consistent color pattern. Traditional printing is relatively inferior to the saturation of color and the sharpness of the layer, and it is difficult to grasp for some excessive moiré.

4. Due to the high printing precision of the digital printing machine, there is almost no problem of the accuracy of the flower and the color registration. No matter what kind of pattern or how many kinds of color, all of them are completed by the direct printing method. It avoids the pollution of a large amount of reducing agent and the waste of dye in the "carving" process of the traditional process, and also ensures vivid color light and fastness.


5. In the digital printing production process, the computer automatically memorizes the data of each color. In the mass production, the color data is unchanged, and the consistency between the sample and the large sample is basically guaranteed.

6, the digital printing process can not exist the concept of "flower back", so that the designer's design ideas are fully exerted, no longer subject to the "flower back" constraints, to lay a foundation for the designer to design a more beautiful pattern . In the actual production, a pattern of up to 15m is printed.

7, digital printing small batch production printing is lower than traditional printing costs. This lays a good foundation for adapting to the multi-variety and small-lot market.

8. Storage of process files: The data and process plans required in the digital printing process are all stored in the computer to ensure the reproducibility of the printing.

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In the traditional rotary screen printing production, the preservation of files is a headache. The storage of the flower draft and the storage of the rotary net take up a lot of space, that is, waste of manpower and waste of material resources, and the effect of preservation is not very good.

9, digital printing is a green production method, the printing process does not use water, no modulation of color paste, no waste dyeing

Liquid color paste, low noise. The traditional printing requires a large amount of water, and the generated waste liquid, waste water and waste slurry cause great pollution to the environment.