Coronavirus Transmission Channels

- Apr 26, 2020-

Coronavirus transmission channels

Confirmed by Academician Zhong Nanshan, the transmission route of the new coronavirus is human to human. [7] There are three main ways of spreading coronavirus, as follows [8]:

(1) oral solution

Coronavirus can be spread through the fluid in the mouth. When normal people have contact with oral corticovirus patients, they may be infected with coronavirus.

(2) Droplets

Droplets are also one of the methods of coronavirus transmission. Sometimes in the subway and in public spaces, people infected with coronavirus may spread the virus through a sneeze.

(3) Contact spread

If the normal person and the coronavirus patient have too close contact, they may also be infected with coronavirus.

How to prevent effectively?

Avoid contact with wild animals (including edible game), birds and their droppings

2. Maintain good personal hygiene

Avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth, and nasal cavity (please wash your hands with liquid soap before touching)

Always keep your hands clean and wash your hands frequently, especially after touching your eyes, mouth, and nose; before handling food or eating, after using the toilet, or after touching public equipment, such as stair handrails, elevator lift buttons, and public transportation handrails.

Try to wash your hands according to the seven-step hand-washing method. Wash your hands with running water, and use hand-washing liquid or soap liquid when washing your hands, so that you can effectively wash off bacteria and viruses.

3. Maintain good environmental hygiene

Frequent ventilation to ensure indoor air circulation

Clean your home thoroughly at least once every two weeks

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and work habits

Strengthen physical exercise and enhance physical fitness

Smoking less, try not to smoke, and avoid drinking

Reduce staying up late and enhance body resistance

5. If you have fever, respiratory infection symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or sore throat, please consult a regular hospital in time. Reduced to the number of places with more people.

6. The first line of defense to protect the body

If you need to go out, please wear a mask (N95 mask or surgical mask)