Development Status Of Digital Printing

- Jul 28, 2018-

Development status of digital printing

  There is little difference between enterprises in traditional textile printing industry and it is easy to form vicious price competition. In addition, most traditional enterprises gain benefits through cheap labor and large-scale production, so there is little room for development. Digital printing technology came into being at a time when the printing industry was in decline. With the increasing maturity of digital printing technology, the printing industry has gradually gone from decline to prosperity.

  But along with the digital ink jet printing technology truly from proofing and small batch processing to mass customization, im scale of metamorphism, digital inkjet printing craft blend online collaborative customization platform and e-commerce form, makes the radical processing enterprises through the production of fast response, provide general characterization of manufactured goods, environmental protection low carbon sustainable development can be added to the brand, the planning scale; By connecting easily to the web, businesses may also be able to reduce unimpeded hubs.

  Model at present, the textile printing market trend is: small and medium-sized batch printing orders rapid increase, while the big order the plural gradually atrophic, at the same time on the design pattern, abstruse and full elegant, character, application, to shorten the delivery cycle.On the other hand, with the improvement of China's society, economic development and career, the consumption concept of the textile market has also changed. People's consumption of "multi-category, natural color, short cycle, value civilized creativity and environmental protection" textiles has to increase day by day.

  The terminal product structure of textile dyeing is CV deep mediation, guided by "customer personalized, fast changing" end demand instigated give up conservative textile printing and dyeing enterprise "with a little amount, slow replacement" of the commercial content: see, enterprises face the expansion delivery time, improve the quality of manufactured goods, depression inventory capital and improve the work pressure, required to make a quick feedback of complex shift in that market, and succeeded to wild nature meet need of manufactured goods.

  As people's requirements for printing continue to rise, the traditional printing industry has to fundamentally reform, digital printing development space is very large.