Development Status Of Digital Printing Industry

- Jul 16, 2018-

  As a new technology of textile printing, digital printing technology has attracted a lot of attention in the industry in the early stage of development, without the need for plate making, rapid change, rich colors, gradual change, energy saving and environmental protection.However, in the early stage of digital printing, factors such as slow printing speed, high printing cost and imperfect printing process have always been the main obstacles restricting the rapid development of digital printing.In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of digital printing technology and supporting facilities, as well as technological breakthroughs and innovationsDigital printing equipment has made great progress in precision, printing speed and stability, and the printing cost has gradually decreased to a level acceptable to customers,In addition, the process has also made great progress, and the advancement of these aspects has been unanimously recognized by the printing and dyeing enterprises.However, compared with the traditional flat screen and rotary screen printing machine, the digital printing machine has a lot of room for printing speed under the premise that the printing cost is decreasing and gradually approaching the cost of traditional printing.On the other hand, the recognition of digital printing market has increased rapidly, and the number of digital printing processing has grown rapidly, while maintaining high precision and stability.How does digital printing equipment break through the bottleneck of speed, meet the growing demand for digital printing processing, and how to help traditional printing and dyeing enterprises to complete technological transformation and drive the overall transformation and upgrading of the industryIt is a key factor in the development of the printing and dyeing industry in the future and has always been highly concerned by the industry.