Digital Printing Interpretation Of Colorful World

- Nov 11, 2017-

Digital printing technology is a combination of modern information technology and traditional textile technology, is the cutting-edge high-tech modern textile. Digital printing technology in the fabric of the embodiment of the key lies in the designers, designers design patterns can be unlimited play. Traditional printing also need color, at most only a dozen sets of color, digital printing can theoretically print tens of millions of colors, as long as the designer has creative, can produce, which gives designers creative implementation of technical support.

Compared with the traditional printing methods, the biggest feature of digital printing is no sewage discharge, in line with the requirements of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction; secondly omitted the process of system plate making and other processes, that is, playing that is, from taking samples to the printing process Finished products, in less than 3 days, in line with fast-paced needs.