Digital Printing :New Development Of Textile Printing And Dyeing

- Jul 26, 2018-

Digital printing :New development of textile printing and dyeing

With the development of economy, market demand tends to be more and more diversified and personalized.The appearance and continuous improvement of digital printing technology have brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry, and its advanced production principle and means have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the textile printing and dyeing industry.

With customers' individualization, small batch quantity, rapid delivery, high quality and pattern becoming the terminal demand, the traditional production mode of textile printing and dyeing with large quantity and slow delivery will be abandoned.The social demand oriented by energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development will force the industrial transformation and technological upgrading of traditional textile printing and dyeing industry.Digital printing directly promotes the development of "green textiles" and "green manufacturing".As the digital printing is to directly install the dye solution in the special box and spray it on the fabric as needed, it is neither waste nor waste water pollution. The printing machine in the mixing room can eliminate the dye solution discharged from washing, and the printing process can be pollution-free.It also leaves out the film.Screen, silver tube and other materials consumption.It not only reduces the burden of enterprises, but also realizes the requirement of environmental protection.

With the improvement of China's society, economic development and life improvement, the consumption concept of the textile market has also changed, and people have to increase their consumption of "diversified, natural, short-period, civilized, creative and environment-friendly" textiles day by day.