Digital Printing Technology Promotes The Transformation Of Corporate Profit Model

- Jul 25, 2018-

Digital printing technology promotes the transformation of corporate profit model

   In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, digital printing technology has matured in textile printing, and the output of digital printing has also increased significantly. Although there are still many problems to be solved in digital printing, many people still believe that it is only a matter of time before digital printing replaces traditional textile printing.

  The first benefit digital printing brings to the enterprise is the transformation of the production model. Traditional textile printing operations are complicated, and the printed patterns seen are quite monotonous. It is impossible to see the color gradient, high-resolution landscape images and the true skin color of the characters, and the printing production process is lengthy, which requires more manpower and time in the production process. The screen and equipment cleaning after production also consumes a considerable amount of water resources, and the impact on the ecological environment is also great.

   In addition, digital printing is driving the transformation of corporate profitability. The digital printing technology has broken through the bottleneck of textile printing. By combining image processing software, printing machine, printing ink and printing substrate processing, the real image or pattern of digital storage can be directly printed on the fabric. The diversity of graphic design and color variations is widely used in the popular design and fashion apparel industries.

   Digital printing is conducive to the industry's transition to green and environmental protection. The digital printing technology reduces the waste water output caused by screen cleaning in the printing process, reduce 80% wastes , meets the requirements of clean production, and digital textile printing technology makes the dyeing and finishing industry more scientific, environmentally friendly,faster and more diversified

It is reported that digital printing is widely used in the world. In terms of cost structure, traditional printing requires the preparation of a screen at the time of production, which makes the initial cost of the conventional printing relatively high, but as the amount of printing increases, the cost of mass production is relatively low. For digital printing, the main cost comes from the nozzle and ink. The production cost is similar regardless of the large or small batch production. As long as the printing speed is fast enough, the management cost is relatively low, which is one way for digital printing to replace traditional printing