Digital Textile Printing For Custom Fabrics

- Dec 19, 2018-

How digital textile printing improves production processes?

Digital textile printing is the latest innovation in the textile industry. It helps printers to meet demands for high-quality designs, short-runs and rapid-turnarounds. 

Digital textile printing is the latest innovation in textile printing. It is an inkjet-based method which allows manufacturers to print almost any design on virtually any fabric. The fabric will be pretreated, after which it will pass through the inkjet printer at high speed and will subsequently be dried, steamed, washed and finished. The digital textile printer uses a printable design of a data file, reads the right colour information and prints the desired colour onto the fabric with minuscule droplets of ink at an astonishing quick production rate. 

Digital Textile Printing for custom fabrics

Benefits of digital textile printing:

High resolution, fine patterns and unlimited colour combinations.

Low initial costs as no screens have to be engraved for individual patterns.

A sustainable solution: less ink waste and high savings on energy and water.

Unlimited repeat size as it is not limited to the circumference of the rotary screen.