Have You Heard Of A Gravity Blanket? With It, You Will Never Lose Sleep!

- Dec 21, 2019-

With the acceleration of the pace of work and life now, we often feel tired and tired, followed by stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Xiaobian once had severe insomnia for a while and couldn't sleep all night and all night. It ’s hard to describe the kind of feeling that the sky is getting brighter with open eyes ~

For this reason, I have tried a lot of physical equipment to help, what Cassia pillows, Thai rubber pillows, single-bag spring mattresses, etc., are more or less helpful, but recently I found a "new world"- -Gravity blanket! I heard that it can relieve stress and help sleep. Is it really so amazing? Let's take a look together!

What is a gravity blanket?

Gravity blanket is a kind of health auxiliary blanket designed according to the weight of 10% of the human body. The weight is usually between 1.8kg and 11.3kg. Seeing this weight, it feels like its name says, the biggest feature of this blanket Just: Shen!

It is 7% -12% of a person's weight. Covering it is as if being hugged and falling asleep.

The gravity blanket uses the principle of deep contact pressure to stimulate the pressure points on the body, as if it is being embraced, and relaxes the nervous system. The levels of serotonin and melatonin in the cortex are reduced, and melatonin is increased, which reduces heart rate and blood pressure , So that your nervous system can be relaxed and emotionally soothed, while reducing your stress and getting more efficient sleep.

Efficacy and function of gravity blanket

The concept of a gravity blanket is not new. Instead, it has been used in medical treatment for several years.

Recently, many related researches have gradually appeared. Initially, scientists discovered that covering multiple blankets can reduce the symptoms of children with autism. It may be a psychological dependence to remind people of the warm feeling of covering multiple quilts on a cold night. This therapy is called "deep touch Pressure stimulation method. "

The effectiveness and principle of the gravity blanket. The gravity blanket seems to be thin and light. It is actually quite weighty. The gravity blanket uses a special filling process to allow the weight to sink naturally like flowing water. After covering the quilt, every square centimeter of the body surface As if pressed gently, as if surrounded by countless hands. According to some people who used it, sleeping under it had the feeling of being embraced by their parents when they went back to their childhood.

Choose different weights based on weight

Because the weight of the gravity blanket is different, everyone's acceptance is different, so you can choose according to your own weight and preferences!

The weight of the gravity blanket is almost twice that of our usual quilt! It will feel uncomfortable to use at first, but this kind of quilt fits your body, it has a feeling that your body is tightly wrapped, it is very comfortable, and then you will slowly adapt.

Of course, this blanket is not only used when you sleep, you can also cover it during work and leisure, and also relax your body effectively.

The filling material for gravity blankets is high-density plastic ball particles. It is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is a odorless, non-toxic food-grade filling material. They have high density and light weight. Very good texture. It is also very durable and supports the use of a washer / dryer. Of course, the gravity blanket is made of breathable material and will not be too stuffy or hot.