Hound Leader - WAN HUNG 2019 Spring And Summer Series Fashion Show

- Jun 20, 2019-

Hound leader - WAN HUNG 2019 spring and summer series fashion show

Innovative tailoring and unique conception, WAN HUNG inherits the personality declaration of Beauty without cruelty, and evolves a wonderful collision of sports and culture with chic tailor-made suits and changing fashions. This year, WAN HUNG set sail again in Shanghai Fashion Week, and presented the 2019 spring and summer new work across the border as a "hound leader", igniting the new wave of modern metropolis.

In traditional English hunting, the hound leader is responsible for supervising the hunting and taking care of the hound team. The relationship between the leader and the non-hound team is extraordinary and is the ultimate decision maker of the size of the game. This season, WAN HUNG is inspired by the hunting attire, and incorporates the brand's special friend, designer Wan's dog Emoji, into the design, so that the hound dog does not hunt the intimate relationship between the people. On the day of the event, the dog Emoji did not run through the show with the model, showing the parent-child show, but also presented the latest season of pet costumes to the audience.

On the day of the show, the T-stage was also decorated with two large trees, with WAN HUNG's iconic green trunk and special textured leaves extending from the stage to the audience's feet, just like the Hounds' team entering the WAN HUNG's fantasy forest. The spring and summer new products draw the matching color of the hunting costumes, and open a new chapter of spring and summer 2019 with white, brown and brand-name green. In the entire series, the number of buttons is also very particular. The status of non-hunting members in the team is closely related. The traditional leader jacket is equipped with 4 brass buttons and the other jackets are 5. There are also nuances in other fashion items and sportswear.

The use of the fabric is not tailored, the brand also gives the spring and summer series a new vitality. The fabric is made of 100% natural rubber, 100% Tencel and micro-fiber artificial leather to create a new package accessory to continue the brand's consistent environmental philosophy. The yarn from Japan is antibacterial and odorless, and the enamel has good ductility. The fully waterproof, UV-resistant fabric provides better performance for the garment. The embroidery, digital printing and screen printing techniques that the designer is good at are also fully reflected in the design. In terms of tailoring, it is more ingenious to add invisible stomata, and the movement following the posture during wearing brings good suffocation.

What is more worth mentioning is that this season's new designer Wan does not cross-border cooperation with Wang Jiajia, a famous Chinese painter. He combines the traditional hunting costume color with the artist's signature brushstrokes to create a bold and modern costume with custom prints. Pet friend Emoji is also lively in custom camouflage prints. This time, the combination of Hualuoqiqi also made this season's ready-to-wear unsuitable. Three pieces of Wang Jiajia art paintings and brand declarations made of crystals, Beauty without cruelty, always convey the designer's unnatural love for the pursuit of breakthrough.

WAN HUNG 2019 Spring and summer new collections combine tradition and indulgence. While revisiting the classics, it also firmly interprets the brand's persistent pursuit of the idea: caring does not care for all living things. This is also the unique personality of the brand Beauty without cruelty.


WAN HUNG is a personal brand created by designer Wan in 2015. The brand takes environmental protection and animal protection as its origin, and develops fabrics and texture breakthroughs. It strives to find a balance in the classic traditional suits and sportswear, and creates a series of styles in the process of exploring new sports or culture. From suits to casual wear, from playful underwear to functional custom jackets, the brand offers a sophisticated experience from the inside out for modern urban men's outfits; hand embroidery, digital embroidery, digital printing and screen printing. It is the glamour of men to every detail. Pet clothing and daily necessities reflect the designer's love for nature and life. The brand logo created by the microfiber eco-friendly leather and reusable materials used in the brand works is actively promoting environmentally sustainable development.

Since its establishment, the brand has been favored by many parties.丌Only invited by Porsche PORSCHE, Shanghai Edison Hotel THESHANGHAI EDITION, Martell MARTELL, Swarovski Crystal SWAROVSKI, Disney DISNEY, Lane Crawford LANE CRAWFORD, Shanghai Jingan Kerry Center JING'AN KERRY CENTRE, etc. Cooperation. It has won the support of many domestic and foreign celebrities, including: Wang Fei, Shu Qi, Jing Boran, Chen Weizhen, Lei Jiayin, Hua Chenyu, Cai Kangyong, Lin Junjie, Wu Kequn, Years & Years, Nathan Skyes and Petite Meller. WAN HUNG has set up a brand retail official website to open retail spaces in many famous places in China. The brand firmly adheres to the unique spiritual connotation, revisiting the classics and is also committed to interpreting the brand's persistent pursuit of the concept: caring does not care for all life.