How Much Modern Business Is The Sleep Problem

- Sep 19, 2018-

From the crowdfunding product "gravity blanket": How much modern business is the sleep problem?

For people with insomnia, nothing is more important than sleeping well. People try to wear equipment to try to relax the brain, people also try headphones, goggles and wristbands here, in an attempt to bring these devices to give them a good quality of sleep.

Last year, a Kickstarter project came up with a few different ideas:

People should forget all high-tech sleep wearables, just bury themselves under this magical gravity blanket, and you will sleep as sweet as a baby.

The “Gravity Blanket” project became popular overnight, and the company described the blanket as a “magic bullet” worth $250 to ease sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and more. This vision is very attractive, with more than 15,000 insomnia users participating in crowdfunding, totaling $3 million. Part of the reason the gravity blanket is popular is because it's very simple—no wires, batteries, buttons, apps, or ugly headsets. All you need is this soft and heavy blanket.

The gravity blanket is made of high-density polyethylene plastic pellets. It is non-toxic and tasteless. The safety level is food grade and durable. Pulling the outer zipper makes it easy to clean the integral inner filling. However, the gravity blanket is not a panacea, it is just a blanket. In other environments where sleep consumer products seem to be getting more and more weird, the gravity blanket tells people that as long as we lie down, pull on the blanket, relax, we can fall asleep!

Lying under the gravity blanket, it feels a bit like being wrapped in a baby's crotch, or like a sausage wrapped in a toast.

The blanket is inspired by a technique called "neural deep pressure stimulation" that triggers the sympathetic nervous system and induces relaxation by applying pressure. This is the same foundation as TempleGenin's research on calming cows before slaughter. There are indications that deep stimulation can reduce stress and anxiety, and even treat symptoms of autism spectrum disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Mike Grillo, managing director of Gravity Blanket, said

I should say that treating diseases is not the purpose of the gravity blanket. It is just a consumer product, not a therapeutic tool.

Internally, the gravity felt is filled with 15 to 25 pounds of beads (a mixture of non-toxic plastic particles and cotton polyester mixture) that keeps you warm and does not toss and turn while sleeping. However, it is actually difficult to move. Under the gravity blanket, it is difficult for people to roll to the side. This design is designed to make people feel soft and at ease during naps or meditation.

Of course, even a very good blanket, $250 spent on a blanket is not a small amount. You can imitate this feeling by sleeping in a pile of clean but unfolded clothes, or online babies. You can even stack a bunch of regular blankets and lie under the bed to create a sense of stress. Gravity blankets are practical on the bed, but you don't need to spend $250 to buy a special soft blanket, buried under all the soft things, you might all sleep well.

As modern people become more and more stressed, good sleep seems to be a luxury; and around this "luxury business", related products that promote sleep are also emerging. On the market, more common products include smart sleep monitoring equipment, pillows that promote sleep, eye masks, and so on. In terms of actual experience, the products that are not used are different for different people. For example, some people suffer from cervical problems, and comfortable pillows can naturally improve sleep; some people have a bad sleeping environment, and the earplugs are a necessity. The most embarrassing is the most popular intelligent monitoring equipment. Yes, I can understand my sleep, but just realizing that this problem does not improve it; not to mention that many people complain that when they think that something is recording their sleep, they will be more anxious and unable to sleep.

In short, sleep is the “just need” of human beings, and under the current fast-paced life pressure, there are many businesses around sleep. If a product can accurately grasp the user's needs, it must have the potential to become a burst.