How To Choose A Cushion

- Oct 23, 2018-

How to Choose A Cushion

Cushion picking considerations

1.The size of the cushion

When using a cusihon, it should not be too large, so that it can be harmonious with other indoor accessories to better reflect the beauty of its activation space.

2.Material of the cushion

The purchase of the cushion should pay attention to the materials used for the pillow. From the perspective of the production materials, it can be divided into cotton, peach skin, silk and the like. Cushions of different materials give people different feelings, and different people will also favor cuahions of different materials. The average person thinks that the cushion of the peach skin is softer and more comfortable.29

3.Cushion color

Color is the primary factor in people's understanding of things. For cushions, color is their biggest selling point. The colorful cushions provide a very good adjustment. Gray and smoke pink match with intellectual elegance; rose red and goose yellow set off romantic and warm... From the most popular fashion colors such as orange red, orange yellow, indigo, pink purple, etc., the bright and moving cushion is always the most popular. Favor. Of course, color matching is also very important, stripes, plaids, etc. will bring an elegant atmosphere to the interior space.

4.How to match the pillow

The purchase of the pillow should be in harmony with the overall style of the home decoration. It should fit the overall design style of the house. Selecting a color and design style is very similar, which will add a lot of points to the room.