How To Clean And Maintain Silk Scarves?

- Mar 21, 2019-

How to clean and maintain silk scarves?

First, you can first put the silk scarf into the cold water for 5-10 minutes, gently rub it with a special silk detergent, then rinse it with water several times. After washing, it can not be twisted to avoid wrinkles. Silk scarves should avoid alkaline detergents, soaps, washing powders, and do not use disinfectant.

Secondly, if the sweaty silk should be washed immediately or soaked in water, do not use hot water of 30 degrees or more.

Third, the silk scarf will be more or less faded when it is cleaned. To keep the silk color bright and fresh, you can add a little white vinegar during rinsing.

Fourth, fourth, after cleaning, it is drying. When drying, the scarf should be gently shaken and dried in a cool, ventilated place. It is not advisable to use a dryer to heat it, nor to expose it to the sun. If you need to iron, you can iron it at a temperature below 150 °C as early as 70% dry. The above is a general washing step. If the silk scarf is worn for a long time, there will be signs of yellowing. You can put the yellowed silk in clean rice water. If it is yellow due to sweat, you can choose to clean it with melon juice.

Fifth, be sure to do the fading test first. Apply a little water to the edges of the scarf or inconspicuous areas, then press with a white towel. If there is some fading, avoid washing. Rinse quickly after folding. The silk scarf is neatly folded, and then the folded portion is fixed by hand, quickly placed in water, and the surface dust is rinsed back and forth. Wring out in a folded state, rinse again after spreading. Fold the scarf into one-eighth size and wring it out gently. Then change the warm water and treat with softener. To prevent static electricity and increase elasticity, use a softener for clothing to make the last warm water rinse and wring out. Spread the silk scarf around with a towel. Spread the silk scarf, lay it on the towel, and roll it up along the edge to make it fully dry. Store in a well ventilated place. After removing the water, spread the silk scarf completely, hang it on the hanger, and place it in the room without sunlight. (Because the silk cloth is exposed to the sun and it is easy to fade, pay special attention).

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