How To Clean Silk Scarf

- Oct 08, 2018-

How to clean silk scarf

Silk scarf is gorgeous in color, with it to do ornament, it is really very elegant and fashionable.Silk scarf is more expensive in general, in order to maintain its good performance, in understanding how to wash silk scarves must pay attention to the following aspects.

1 above all, when washing real silk scarf, unfavorable soak it in cold water too long time, with 5 to 10 minutes advisable.Can use neuter washing powder when catharsis, cannot wash with alkaline scour, soap, washing powder or other and decontamination agent, cannot use disinfectant more.Silk scarf must not be washed with washing machine, to wash by hand, rubbing when cleaning should be light, can not be rubbed with gravity, to prevent fiber damage.

Secondly, the silk scarf with washing should be dried with water, and it should be dried in the shade. It should not be exposed to the sun, so as to avoid affecting the strength and color fastness of the fibers.Perhaps be in the dress when 80% dry, can take off, so the real silk scarf that air after basks in feels feeling more downy, and not easy fade.

3. In addition, silk scarves are acidproof and alkali resistant, so in order to maintain the bright color, it is better to put a few drops of acetic acid into the water before drying. Soak the scarf in water for about 10 minutes, and then pick it up to dry, so as to keep the bright color of the scarf.This is also one of the tips for how to wash silk scarves.

4 real silk products should not spray perfume, freshener, deodorant, etc.Do not use mothballs when storing, as this may cause the silk scarf to pick up a smell or discolor.Silk scarf is in wardrobe had better use clothes rack is hanged, clothes rack does not want to use metal kind, prevent the pollution such as rust, and should be put in the place that cannot get direct sunlight, want to avoid light.