How To Differentiate Silk Fabrics

- May 14, 2019-

How to differentiate silk fabrics

A. hand feeling visual measurement

(1) visual method, the silk has the luster of pearl show, soft luster.And the fabric burnish of chemical fiber is not downy, bright dazzling.

(2) the silk fiber is fine and long, the cotton fiber is short, and the wool is curly.Chemical fibers are well organized.

(3) hand feeling: silk feels soft, close to the skin smooth and comfortable.

B. combustion method

(1) when burning, silk has the smell of burning feathers. It is difficult to continue burning and will self-extinguish.The ashes are brittle, crisp, fluffy and black.

(2) rayon (viscose fiber) burning when burning paper mixed with chemical flavor.The afterburner burns extremely fast.Ash except no light are ash, between a small amount of gray black ash.

(3) cotton fiber, polyester burning very weak sweet, not directly continued or continued slow burning, hard round ashes, into beads.

(4) cotton and hemp have the smell of burning paper, soft ashes, black gray.

Wool burns like silk.You can tell the difference visually.Silk and health since ancient times, silk has been known as the "silk queen".To the modern, people have given it "health fiber", "health fiber" reputation.Accordingly, the health care function of real silk fiber is any fiber cannot compare, cannot replace.Silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, which are almost the same as those contained in human skin.Therefore, there are human "second skin" reputation.Wear real silk dress, not only the radiation that can prevent ultraviolet ray, defence harmful gas invasions, resistance is harmful bacterium, and still can enhance the vigor of skin cell of body surface, promote the metabolism of skin cell, have good auxiliary treatment effect to certain dermatosis at the same time.In addition, due to the special hygroscopicity and air permeability, there is the role of regulating body temperature, regulating water.Silk conservation silk brocade, antique satin, damask, georgette velvet, golden velvet, zhangzhou velvet, damask, gold treasure and light yarn, light silk, yarn-dyed Taft silk, etc., can not be washed but only dry cleaning.The silk fabric that can wash, should combine its respective characteristic when catharsis, use different catharsis method.