How To Distinguish Printing, Embroidery, Jacquard And Burnt-out Fabrics

- Nov 28, 2020-

1 printed fabric

Various dyes and pigments are prepared into printing pastes, which are partially applied on the fabric to obtain patterns of various colors;

2 Embroidered fabric

After the dyeing process, use the machine to embroider the flower pattern and add it;

3 Jacquard fabric

Weave the pattern directly into the fabric, using warp yarns and weft yarns of different colors to interlace each other, interlacing ups and downs to form patterns of different colors;

4 Burnt-out fabric

Utilizing the different acid resistance of the two fibers, and then undergoing a burn-out treatment in the acid solution through the printing and dyeing process, the part of the fiber that is not acid-resistant is dissolved and rotten, which becomes a burn-out fabric.

Printed fabric

Printed fabrics are prepared by preparing various dyes and pigments into printing pastes, which are partially applied to the fabrics to obtain patterns in various colors. There are many choices for patterns, and most of the printed fabrics are cellulose fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. Printed fabrics are characterized by bright colors, high definition, large output, high efficiency, non-fading, wide use, and can be used in all kinds of clothing and bags.


Embroidered fabric

Embroidered fabric is a kind of fabric material, mostly pure cotton, lace, etc. Traditional fabrics are produced without any color and need to be dyed. Embroidered fabrics are dyed and machine-embroidered after the pattern is added, so that the fabric produced is several times more valuable than traditional fabrics. And because of the wide variety of embroidery, it can embroider all kinds of beautiful patterns, which is very popular among consumers.


Jacquard fabric

The pattern of the jacquard fabric is not ordinary printing or embroidery, but the pattern is directly woven into the fabric, and the warp and weft of different colors are interlaced and interlaced to form patterns of different colors. The jacquard fabric has fine texture, smooth texture, good gloss, good hand feeling, good drape and air permeability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing), no deformation, no fading, and good comfort. Compared with embroidery fabrics , The cost is higher, and it is mostly used for bedding and clothing.


Burnt-out fabric

Burnt-out fabric, also known as embossed fabric, is a new type of fabric. Burnt-out fabric is made of two kinds of fibers with different acid resistance, blended or spun into core yarn, used as warp and weft yarns to woven into burnt-out fabric grey fabric, and then processed in the acid solution through the printing and dyeing process to make it into That part of the fiber is dissolved and rotten, which becomes a burnt-out fabric. The main features of this fabric are transparent, concave-convex patterns, novel patterns and clear outline appearance characteristics, which are similar to arts and crafts, and are well received by users and consumers at home and abroad. It is among the textile export products of my country and is welcomed by the international market. One of the varieties. At present, burnt-out fabrics are mainly used as decorative fabrics, such as tablecloths, curtains, seat covers, bedspreads, pillowcases, summer clothing, handkerchiefs, etc. for room decoration.