How To Identify Silk Fabric?

- Apr 08, 2019-

In general, there are several methods for identifying silk fabrics.

1. Look at its color, touch its texture and feel.

Let’s take a look at the luster of this fabric. Generally speaking, the silk fabric is lightly silky and soft.
The luster of impure silk fabrics is relatively chilly, similar to metallic luster,Then there is the feel of the fabric. Generally, the drape of the silk is better than that of the silk. In addition, the fabric is wrinkled and then flattened, and the wrinkles of the silk fabric are less than that of the silk.

2, combustion method

This method is the most effective, but it can be a bit difficult for most customers who buy clothes.
Take some silk thread from the latitude and warp direction of the silk fabric and burn it with fire. If the silk fabric encounters fire, it will burn immediately, curl into a black granule, the fire is very slow, and it will extinguish itself. There is a burning smell of hair when burning. The black particles left are very crunchy and are broken by hand.

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