How To Know Pure Cotton & Knitted Cotton?

- Nov 14, 2018-

How To Know Pure Cotton & Knitted Cotton?

How do you know cotton and knitted cotton? Knitting cotton is a kind of fabric which is formed by bending a yarn into a loop and squashing each other with a knitting needle. Generally, it has good elasticity, moisture absorption, comfort and warmth, and is the most widely used fabric for children's wear. However, pure cotton is a kind of fabric made of cotton as raw material, which has good hygienic, warmth, hygroscopicity and breathability, and its underwear is used more.

The difference between knitted cotton and pure cotton

The heat resistance of cotton fabrics is a little better than that of knitted cotton. The reason is that knitted cotton uses textile technology and its surface is relatively smooth. Compared with pure cotton, it is not easy to pilling and not easily deformed. From the perspective of two kinds of fabrics, the dyeability of knitted cotton is relatively high. Knitted cotton is actually made of cotton thread through knitting technology. Therefore, the health and comfort of wearing and cotton are not much different. The main difference is the dyeing process. And durability and moisture absorption of the fabric.

Which is better for knitted cotton and cotton?

In fact, there is not much difference between pure cotton and knitted cotton. Knitted cotton is a kind of fabric that is made of cotton by machine. Therefore, it is also very healthy and has no harm to the body. Both fabrics have certain advantages, and also have certain shortcomings. The disadvantage of knitted cotton is that the warp and weft gap of the fabric is relatively large, and the warmth of pure cotton is not good. However, the dyeing process is very good, but pure cotton is shrinking more serious, and easy to deform, to really say which of the two is better, you have to decide according to your own preferences.