How To Wash The Pillow

- Oct 04, 2018-

How toWash the Pillow
  1. How to wash the pillow 1. Do not wash the pillowcase often without washing the pillow. Some people clean the pillowcase regularly, but never clean the pillow. Because many people think that the pillowcase is enough to protect the pillow, as long as the pillowcase is cleaned on time, the pillow can be kept clean and hygienic. In fact, the sweat that we inadvertently secrete will penetrate into the pillow, breeding bacteria, causing allergies and diseases, so we have to clean the pillow every 3 to 6 months.

  2. 2. The correct method of hand washing: use mild detergent to wash; put the pillow into the detergent solution, and squeeze the pillow by hand until it is cleaned, the excess washing liquid must be squeezed out; Rinse the pillow and finally squeeze the excess water out; put the pillow flat and dry, which will be softer and more fluffy.

  3. Machine wash pillows should be noted: use a mild detergent for washing; use a large washing machine to wash two pillows at the same time. If you can only accommodate one, it is best to add a towel together to balance the water flow; if dry, the pillow will be easier to restore the original elasticity, and more soft and fluffy.

  4. Different pillows use different cleaning and maintenance. The latex pillow is soaked in cold washing essence, gently pressed by hand, then rinsed repeatedly with water, then wrapped in a dry cloth, and most of the water is absorbed, and then placed in a cool place to dry, do not expose to the sun, so as to avoid materials. Metamorphic oxidation; down pillows because the down is easy to get into the water, so it can not be washed. You can gently pat the pillow by hand to keep it fluffy, and take it to a ventilated place to remove the sweat and moisture. If the pillow is really dirty, you can send it to the dry cleaner for cleaning.