How To Wash The Pillow

- Oct 09, 2018-

How to wash the Pillow

  1. Never wash a pillowcase too often instead of a pillow. Some people regularly clean pillowcases, but never throw pillows. Because many people think the pillowcase is enough to protect the pillow, cleaning the pillowcase on time will keep the pillow clean and sanitary. Actually otherwise, the sweat that we secrete inadvertently can permeate into the body pillow, breed bacterium, cause allergy and disease, so we have to clean the body pillow every 3~6 months.

  2. The correct method of hand washing: washing with mild detergent; Put the pillow into washing powder solution and squeeze the pillow by hand until it is clean. Rinse until the pillow is rinsed and the excess water is squeezed dry. Dry the pillow flat so it is softer and more fluffy.

  3. Machine washing pillow should pay attention: use mild detergent for washing; Use large washing machine, can wash two pillow at the same time. If you can hold only one, wash with a towel to balance the flow. If dried, the pillow will be more elastic and soft and fluffy.

  4. Different pillow use different cleaning maintenance. After absorbing most of the water, the latex pillow can be dried in a cool place. Do not expose to the sun to avoid deterioration and oxidation of the material. Down pillow because the down easy to meet the water ball, so can not wash down. When maintain, can use hand gently pat hold pillow, make its maintain fleeciness, and take to ventilated place blow air, purify sweat flavour and water vapor can. If the pillow is really too dirty, you can send it to the dry cleaner.