How To Wear A Mask Correctly

- Apr 26, 2020-

How to wear a mask correctly?

  1. When wearing a mask, we need to learn to recognize the front and back of the mask.

  2. Generally dark for the front, toward the outside is dark, with the most common light blue and white face mask as an example.3.

  3. And light color is opposite, the one side that faces toward the face is light color, when wearing, the hand should wash clean.

  4. There is a thin wire over one side of the mask, which is worn over the nose to hold the ends firmly.5.

  5. The mask should be worn close to the nose and chin. Try to replace the mask in 2-4 hours to keep the mask clean and pollution-free.

Note: Wash your hands frequently, avoid going to crowded places and keep your breath flowing!