How WHO Is Supporting Refugees And Migrants During The COVID-19 Pandemic

- May 30, 2020-

The Government of Singapore, with support from WHO, health partners and NGOs, has enhanced risk communication and community engagement with foreign workers in dormitories. A major challenge in reaching this vulnerable group is language barriers, but authorities have found innovative ways to communicate and engage with them in their native languages. 

Communication and engagement with vulnerable populations in Singapore is also being expanded by partnering with NGOs, including the Migrant Workers Centre. The group is tapping into its network of more than 5000 dormitory ambassadors to help communicate and disseminate important messages. These ambassadors are foreign workers themselves and have volunteered to help fellow workers. 

The Government of Singapore has also boosted Wi-Fi receptivity in the dormitories and provided SIM cards to workers to enable them to stay connected and informed. They have also opened up many news and entertainment cable channels to enable viewing on mobile devices. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, WHO will maintain connections with governments and ministries of health around the world to provide support in preparing, preventing and responding to the virus.