Insomnia At Night?Try Weighted Blanket

- May 21, 2018-

For those who are unable to sleep because of high stress, putting on an aggravated blanket will effectively help improve their sleep quality.


Supporters of the "Weighted Blanket" claim that after using this aggravated blanket, insomnia and anxiety have eased.


When purchasing a "Weighted Blanket", different weighted blankets can be selected according to their own weight. For example, customers weighing between 100 and 150 pounds (45-70 kg) recommend a 15 pound (6 kg) blanket. However, such blankets are not suitable for hot days of 90(30), which may lead to worse sleep; but if it is 70 (20) or even less, the sense of use is basically comfortable.


Weighted blanket are heavier than other blankets. When it covers the body, the user creates a feeling that seems to be wrapped in a mole, which is similar to being embraced by others. And this sense of cuddled security is the reason that Weighted Blanket will play a sedative effect. Normally, insomniars often turn around due to their inability to sleep, and weighted blankets keep their users still because of their weight so that they can get into sleep faster.


Is there any convincing evidence that sleep quality is better with weighted blankets?


First of all, the theoretical basis for the weighted blanket to help sleep is that the human body will have a calming effect under proper gravity pressure.


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This modest pressure will make users feel like they are in the middle of the embrace, and people generally feel safer when they are embraced. In addition, under the gentle coverage of the weighted blanket, the user's turnover times will also decrease.


Pulling wisdom teeth is a stressful thing for many people. According to a study published in the "Taiwan Medical Association" magazine, they told patients undergoing wisdom tooth extraction surgery to cover their aggravated blankets during surgery. In the event of an earlier high-stress event, the participant's low-stress treatment of the nervous system area showed higher activity.


One of the most common uses of weighted blanket is to assist children with autism and hyperactivity. Lynelle Schneeberg, a sleep psychologist and director of behavioral sleep programs at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, said: "Children do benefit from the right pressure, whether it's an aggravated blanket or a flexible Lycra fiber sleeping bag." A study published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy found that among students in the upper primary school students, students wearing vests with a certain weight are more concentrated in the classroom and fidgeting and moving is less.


Although a weighted blanket can help sleep, its weight is also its drawback, especially when the user is a child. Weighted blankets are relatively high in temperature and heavy in quality and are not easy to carry and carry. It is also difficult for children to use such blankets without their parents present. Schneeberg said that when parents consult her about weighted blankets, she will ask parents if their children have the strength to pick up a quilt, spread them, and then put themselves in a quilt.

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How to pick a suitable Weighted Blanket for yourself


Most experts recommend that when choosing a weighted blanket, choose a weighted blanket that weighs 10% of its weight. If your weight is 150 pounds, then choose a 15 pound weighted blanket. However, it should be noted that if you sleep during sleep or have sleep apnea, you should not use items like weighted blankets. Because anything with a certain weight is placed on your chest, it may interfere with your breathing further.


But if you are stressed and need to refresh your coffee every morning, try weighted blanket. A heavy blanket may help you to spend a long night safely.


However, weighted blankets are not cheap at first, and a 20-pound (9-kg) gravity blanket costs $249. There is a big profit in this product, if you import the blanket directly from factory in China, the purchasing cost will be a lot lower. Any interest, please contact us at