Iran's COVID-19 Epidemic Rebounds, Government Considers Tightening Prevention

- Jun 05, 2020-

Iran's COVID-19 epidemic rebounds, government considers tightening prevention

The data of the COVID-19 epidemic announced by the Ministry of Health in Iran on the 4th shows that 3574 new cases have been confirmed in the country, which is the highest number of new cases in a single day since the outbreak. As the epidemic rebounded, the Iranian government said it was considering tightening prevention and control again.

According to data from the Iranian Ministry of Health, as of noon on the 4th, a total of 164270 cases were diagnosed in Iran, 8071 cases were died, and 127485 cases were cured.

Iranian President Rouhani said on the 4th that if the public does not abide by the health regulations, the government may be forced to restart some isolation policies. He said that the experience of fighting against the epidemic in recent weeks has shown that people strictly abide by the hygienic regulations, etc., can bring the epidemic situation back to a manageable level. He called on the public to reduce non-essential travel, and also called on the media to increase publicity efforts to encourage the public to abide by hygiene standards and maintain social distance.

The Iranian Ministry of Health previously announced the implementation of the "Smart Social Alienation Plan" from April 11th, which allows low-risk industries to resume work on the basis of strict compliance with relevant health guidelines. From May 26th, all industries including restaurants, cafes, public baths and other high-risk commercial places will resume operations.