Is Digital Direct Printing Faster Than Digital Transfer Printing?

- Feb 23, 2019-

Is digital direct printing faster than digital transfer printing?

Yes, the sublimation process itself is faster when you leave out the transfer paper process. If your fabric has been adequately pre-treated and is ready to absorb the sublimation ink, the result may be quite satisfactory. For some types of fabric, i.e. polyester which is our preferred material, we always recommend transfer printing as the disperse colours risk setting off and detailed pattern designs can be difficult to achieve.

Subsequent to direct printing, your fabric is likely to need thorough finishing in terms of special washing etc. to obtain light and colour fastness. 

Make transfer printing your preferred printing technique for all your high-end polyester projects

Our customers handle many delicate textiles and the print is often essential to the final product. It goes without saying that fashion and home textile producers have strict demands for colours and patterns, but also our customers within medical textiles call for accuracy and durable prints.