Maintenance Of Digital Printing Machine

- Aug 20, 2018-

Maintenance of digital printing machine

We all know that if the captain of the digital printing machine does not have time to maintain the maintenance will be aging or stability decline, then how do we normally need to maintain the digital printing machine, what methods can be effective maintenance?


1. Ink and print the test bar to make sure there is no problem with the test bar.

2. Unplug the W1 level sensor of the digital printer, and turn the front of the nozzle to open and press the W1 ink button to W1 level 2.

The white ink in the cartridge empties out.(prevent the solenoid valve from being blocked by long white ink)

3. Turn off all power supply of the machine and unplug the power cord and turn off the voltage stabilizer.

4. Screw down the filter of white sprinkler head from the upper part, connect the filter with a syringe (30ML syringe), and screw down the drain cap on the front part of the sprinkler head, gently push the syringe, and let the cleaning liquid flush the white ink of the sprinkler head cavity. Remove the syringe and seal the ink pipe with the plug cap until no white ink remains.(just do it in white ink)

5. Then use the dust-free cloth to dip the cleaning liquid in the digital printing machine to wipe the surface of the nozzle in one direction until the surface is clean.

6. Prepare cleaning liquid, non-woven cloth, PVC board, sponge, and cling film.

7. Place the sponge on PVC board and wrap it with plastic wrap, place it on the platform and spread the dust-free cloth on it. Soak the dust-free cloth with the cleaning fluid (please confirm that the original cleaning fluid is used), move the digital printing machine to the dust-free cloth, and manually lower the spraying machine to ensure that all the sprinkler heads can contact the dust-free cloth.