Maintenance Of Organza

- Feb 19, 2019-

Advantages and disadvantages of organza fabrics

Advantages: The clothes are very smooth, light and elegant, very high grade, with texture and light. It is said that silk is also good for the human body, such as UV protection, moisture absorption and so on.

Disadvantages: relatively hard, not suitable for tops, if it is artificial, pay attention to whether the work is fine, otherwise it will be rough, and tie people, can not stand the day. The price is more expensive, care should be taken when maintaining silk clothes. However, the organza of rayon is cheaper.


Maintenance of organza

1. It is not advisable to soak the organza dress in cold water for a long time, usually 5 to 10 minutes. Detergent is best to choose neutral detergent, not machine washable, hand rubbing should also be gently rubbed to prevent fiber damage.

2. Organza fabric is acid and alkali resistant. To maintain the bright color, you can add a few drops of acetic acid to the water during washing, then soak the clothes in water for about 10 minutes, then pick it up and dry it. This will keep the color of the clothes. .

3. It is best to dry with water, make it dry and dry, and then dry the clothes in the sun. Do not expose it to sunlight to prevent the strength and color fastness of the fiber.

4. Euge yarn products should not be sprinkled with perfume, fresheners, deodorants, etc. Do not use mothballs after storage, because the organza products will absorb odor or cause discoloration.

5. It is best to use a hanger to hang in the closet. Do not use metal for the hanger to prevent rust pollution. If it needs to be folded up, it should be placed on the top layer to avoid deformation and wrinkle caused by long-term storage.