Personalized Custom Printed T-shirt

- May 25, 2020-

Personalized custom printed T-shirt

With the rapid development of economy and society, more and more people begin to pursue personalized and quality life. In the current consumption pattern, the consumption structure is affected by the combined effects of commodity consumption diversion, mass consumption diversion, official consumption throttling, high-end consumption outflow, and external factors turbulence. Personalized and customized consumption will replace wave-based consumption. "Customization" appears more and more frequently, and it is getting closer and closer to the lives of ordinary people. From the finished product to customization, behind this strategic transformation, mainly due to the change of consumer groups, young consumers after the 80s and 90s are more assertive, and the groups after the 00s are growing stronger, and they have also put forward more personalized requirements. For manufacturers, with the progress of commercial civilization, they will care more about the experience of consumers, tap and meet the needs of consumers. Whether it is a traditional market purchase or an online platform Taobao, "privately customized" products can be seen everywhere: clothing, leather shoes, cups, towels, etc., with a personalized logo printed or embroidered on it, which highlights the difference. The style makes life full of fun. Currently, the Internet is connecting everything and transforming everything. As far as apparel consumption is concerned, people's consumption concepts have gradually shifted from pursuing functional consumption that only fits and keeps warm, to fashion purchases that follow the trend of "buying only expensive and not buying right". . This transformation has brought a broad market space for private customization. In fact, "private customization" has been in economic and social development for a long time. The difference is that in today's era, the range of customized products is expanding, and the people who choose this method are tending to be civilians. As small as teapots, jewelry boxes, photo albums, as large as travel products, watches, private cars, etc. As far as enterprises are concerned, there are three future trends, some are small and beautiful, some are large and comprehensive, and some are large and specialized. No matter which trend, companies will pay more attention to the standardization of customization and the construction of informatization. And will pay more attention to the improvement of innovation capabilities and production efficiency; for the custom industry, the general trend is to pay more attention to products, quality, environmental protection, design, and service. Nowadays, with the rise of the high-class who is eager to highlight personal taste and personality, the popular products produced by the assembly line are less and less favored by these people, and the market begins to call for those unique customized products. Private customization is in the ascendant, we must seize the opportunity to seize this piece of bread; it can be said that private customization is similar to the DIY big industry, it is a product of the big data era and popular culture. On the e-commerce platform, search for "private customization", and the results are varied: T-shirts and baseball shirts with your own photos printed, simple and stylish, handbag jewelry with your own LOGO, you can engrave your name in the cup pen holder, according to your Classical furniture custom-made at home size ... On the Internet, many individual needs can be met here. Under the coercion of e-commerce, more and more offline retail stores have also begun to launch personalized and personalized products: some clothing stores can customize clothing according to your size, and some food stores can according to your Customized food for taste, and some cake shops can customize unique cakes according to the photos you provide. The pure refined product model can no longer lead the trend in the rapidly changing consumer market, especially in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Consumers ’requirements and expectations for quality and taste of life are approaching the consumption level of Europeans. The inflection point of demand has come. The basic pattern of offline retail "thousand stores and one store" will not suddenly collapse completely, but there will be "cracks", and the speed of ice and snow melting will be further accelerated. It is expected that the adjustment and transformation of offline retail will be further accelerated and advanced in depth, and various diversified cross-border, specialized operations, more forms of network access, more forms of O2O, and all channels will emerge one after another. But in the final analysis, personalized products are king. More companies will seek to amplify their own characteristics and advantages, but whether it is achieved by expanding self-collection and self-employment or strengthening the superior category, or countering traditional logic and introducing niche categories, it will help to differentiate the business style. form. Personal customization (customized clothing) will be the future of the apparel industry.