Precautions For Travel During The COVID19

- Apr 28, 2020-

  • Precautions for travel during the COVID19

1.Go out:

1).Wear masks and gloves (check for tightness)

2).A small bottle of alcohol spray or homemade proportionally mixed disinfectant

3).Have a change of clothes ready at the door


2.Transportation choice:

1)Walk or bike to the nearest location

2)Choose to drive your own car for a long distance and keep it ventilated

3)Choose the subway and bus for a long distance, and keep a distance from others and do not touch the surrounding substances


3.How to wash your hands properly:

1)Wash your hands with neutral soap or hand sanitizer

2)Clean hands thoroughly with running water

3)Completely clean every part of your hands

4)Wipe your hands with disposable tissues or sterile towels

5)Wash hands frequently (more than 5 times a day)


4.Pay attention to small details:

1)Wear glasses to sterilize the lenses

2)Disinfect the phone with a small amount of alcohol and wipe it down

3)Take off the mask with both hands through the ear

4)Minimize contact with Wuhan and foreign returnees