Prevention Of COVID-19

- Apr 22, 2020-

Prevention of COVID-19

What is the route of transmission of the COVID-19?

It should be said that this respiratory virus is divided into three modes of transmission: airborne transmission, droplet transmission, and contact transmission.

What is the clinical manifestation of the COVID-19?

The clinical manifestations of pneumonia caused by this COVID-19 infection are similar to common viral pneumonia. For example: fever, cough, sore muscles all over the body, neck pain, headache and other clinical symptoms are all Common early clinical symptoms. However, as the disease progresses further, severe symptoms will appear, such as coughing, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing, and even severe ones may cause loss of consciousness.

What symptoms need to go to the hospital for treatment?

The following conditions should be met: 1. A high fever occurs, the clinical symptoms of the fever continue unabated, and the fever continues for two to three days. After the usual treatment, the clinical symptoms cannot be alleviated, and the clinical symptoms cannot be relieved. 2. If you have been to the epidemic area in the early stage and there are areas where this new coronavirus infection has occurred. After traveling from these areas or returning from business trips, if clinical symptoms such as high fever and cough occur, it is recommended that you should go to the hospital as soon as possible Conduct medical consultation and screening.

How to prevent COVID-19?

The first point is that you should fully maintain your own immunity, try not to stay up late, avoid excessive drinking and excessive fatigue, so as to ensure the strength of your immunity. The second point is to avoid contact with the environment where there is a possibility of virus infection, and avoid places where people gather. The third point should be to protect yourself. When you go out to a crowded place, try to wear a mask, so as to effectively prevent the virus from spreading. Fourth, when at home, it is recommended to ventilate in time. Fifth, hand hygiene should be maintained. The usual contact spread is often spread through hands, and the hands should be washed according to the standard seven-step hand washing method.