Reactive Digital Printing Process

- Sep 03, 2018-

Reactive digital printing process

Core tip: because by process (before printing and printing after processing), most of the spray printing systems use disperse dye, by way of transfer printing on the polyester fabric (polyester and polyamide fiber), and high-grade fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, not suitable for transfer printing, need to use reactive ink, spray printing on the fabric directly.

Limited by the front and back processes (pre-printing and post-printing), most printing systems use disperse dyes and transfer printing on chemical fiber fabrics (polyester and polyamide), while high-grade fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool are not suitable for transfer printing. Reactive ink is needed to directly spray printing on fabrics. 

(1) pretreatment of printing

When the printing machine USES reactive ink for direct printing, the fabric must be treated with sizing (sizing -- drying, the drying temperature should be controlled at 60 degrees), and the pretreatment plays an important role in the final printing effect and quality. Therefore, the pretreatment process must attract enough attention. 

According to the different printing patterns, we use two different sizes. One is mainly used for printing common patterns and is also the most commonly used size, using sodium alginate;The other is used for high-precision printing of patterns and characters, using SD - 10 size.Sizing equipment is best to use open width sizing machine, less number can also be manual sizing.

(2) digital printing

At present, there are two types of printing software for the digital ink-jet printing system of taito.As for the determination of the printing precision, we use 360dPi and 720dPi for comparison. It feels that 360dPi granules are thicker, and the screen effect is often not up to the requirements of customers. Therefore, we choose the precision of 720dPi for production, and the speed is 2-4m2 /min. 

(3) evaporation and color rendering

The evaporating equipment can choose cylinder steam box and continuous open width evaporator. It is suggested to use cylinder steam box because of its unique characteristics of bright colors.(the temperature is controlled at 102 degrees for steaming for 10 minutes)

(4) wash with water and clean after

The process of washing and finishing is similar to that of silk screen printing. When washing, a certain amount of antifouling agent and fixing agent should be added.After finishing with hot air tenter, we can add some softener according to the customer's requirement to improve the handle. 

Requirements of digital printing equipment on site and environment

Because digital printing machine using piezoelectric nozzle is quite fine, easy to appear plug phenomenon, thus has certain requirements on the site environment, on the one hand, try to arrange within the environment of dust, on the other hand, the site should maintain a certain humidity, according to our experience in practice, should be in 45%, 45% relative humidity CH, generally speaking, domestic demand is equipped with the appropriate damping machine.Room temperature control in 19-28 ℃ or so. 

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