Scarves Daily Maintenance Tips

- Dec 24, 2018-

Scarves daily maintenance tips

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01, how to do silk scarves?

The yellowing of the silk scarf is not caused by improper washing or maintenance, because the silk is exposed to ultraviolet light or light for a long time. So the way to prevent yellowing is to avoid light.

02. The label of the scarf will affect the wearing effect. What should I do?

Record the material, washing method, etc. before cutting the label, then use scissors to cut the label along the edge of the label, and carefully cut the yarn of the label to prevent damage to the scarf.

03, how to deal with silk scarves?

Grab the portion of the wire with both hands and straighten it straight until it is back to its original state, then set it with an iron.

04, what should you pay attention to when washing scarves?

When washing silk scarves, pay attention to the type of washing. Generally, neutral detergents are preferred, and food detergents are also available. Do not wring it out by hand after washing. It is best to put the silk scarf on a dry towel, roll the towel into a roll evenly, and then squeeze it slightly to let the towel absorb the moisture in the scarf. When dry, try to put it in a cool place and lay it flat.

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05, how to deal with perspiration?

When you feel a little sweaty, go home and clean it immediately after going home, then dry it. If it is obvious dirt, you must pat it with a water-soaked toothbrush, let the dirt float on the surface, apply solid soap and let it stand, then pat it with a toothbrush, then send it to the dry cleaner for cleaning.

06, how to do silk scarves with cosmetics?

Powdered cosmetics should not be wiped, and should be bounced off with your fingers in time. In powdery or creamy cosmetics, the oil should be blotted dry with a paper towel, and then the soap should be stained with a handkerchief. After drying, use a paper towel to absorb moisture.

07. What should I pay attention to when I wear it everyday?

When you attend a grand occasion such as a banquet, the silk scarf can make you look more gorgeous, but you must not spray the perfume or powder directly onto the silk scarf.

The silk scarf can't withstand the friction. When using it, don't often knot the same part, otherwise it will make the part lose its luster or pilling.

Keep the silk scarf dry and avoid direct contact with insect repellent. If you want to deal with dirt or spots on the silk scarf, it is recommended to send a reputable professional dry cleaner and explain the situation (how to soil, contaminated time, whether it has been treated, etc.).

When wrinkles appear on the silk scarf, it can be ironed on the reverse cloth.

08, how to prevent the scars from wrinkles

Silk scarves can be stored in special hangers for hanging trousers. The silk scarves can be hung in a brim to avoid wrinkles. The wrinkled fabrics are preferably rolled into a slack cylindrical shape and collected in a well-ventilated circle. In the shape of the box, do not use hangers to hang; large-size silk scarves can be directly folded into a triangle and then draped on the hanger to prevent wrinkles. This way, it is no problem to continuously overlap three scarves. The blended silk scarf can be wrapped around the appropriate fabric, and the folded silk scarves can be hung together. The material that is not easy to fold can be directly attached to the hanger.

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