Screen Printing Is Not Allowed For Flowers

- Nov 11, 2017-

1. The printing plate and the printing machine or the positioner on the gap too large. When the printing plate on the positioning device to loosen, scraper operation and layout of the intensity will make the printing plate offset, the pattern can not be printed in the location of the printed.

2. When the printing plate box deformation, paste the screen on the box on the local loosening phenomenon, the plate part of the pattern will be removed from the original position.

3. The same flower type in each printed version of the layout of the difference between wet and dry degree, the layout of the humidity is larger than the loose or local relaxation serious, in the scraper when the layout of the pattern to the direction of force movement, the fabric of the local or all the pattern will occur in different degrees of dislocation phenomenon.

4. During the printing version of the operation, affected by the printing of clothing or cloth, so that the printed pattern on the printing platform to move.

5. Printing version of Tension network when the difference between the wire or uneven, in the temperature, humidity effects, screen tension small or uneven layout easily shifted.